Welcome to the Cool Walls Company. We supply and install all magnetic, writable paint and plaster on behalf of MagnaMuros.

White boards and flip charts are a thing of the past which do not offer the creative freedom of dry erase products. By using a Magnetic Paint, Magnetic Plaster and over painting with a product like ‘Pro’ we can create seamless magnetic write on, wipe off surfaces. 


When it comes to any installation, preparation is key! That’s why MagnaMuros use Cool Walls as their approved installers. We never start a project without first carefully accessing the surfaces we have been asked to work with, this will allow us to unlock the surfaces power to ‘communicate’. 


We create a detailed project plan, with client involvement every step of the way and by working to this method it always ensures the creativity of your new communicative space.


Please contact MagnaMuros for more details: 01282 505988