MagPaint GlowPaint is a premium water-based glow-in-the-dark paint for home use that transforms walls, furniture or other materials into magically glowing objects in the dark. As soon as the light goes out, it starts…


Create your own starry sky, complete with flying saucers and shooting stars. Or make a glowing forest on the walls. Or go all out and give your room a complete Halloween makeover.


But GlowPaint can also be used for practical or safety reasons. For example, a light switch in a dark corridor or hall is easy to find in the event of a power failure.


Emission-free, no nasty odours and safe to use indoors. 


GlowPaint works best on a white background. You can adjust the brightness yourself by altering the number of GLOWPAINT layers or by applying a difference in light and dark on the substrate. The more layers of paint you stack, the more intense the light intensity. GlowPaint is Suitable for all substrates that have been pretreated with a white primer. It is ready to use, quick and easy to applywith a roller or brush. This 0.25L tin covers approximately 5.0 sq. metres.


With 30 minutes of lighting, the paint is visible in the dark for 25 hours.

MAG8001 - Glowpaint 0.25 L

SKU: 8717438075839
    • Magic lighting in the dark
    • Ready for use & Quick and easy to apply
    • 250ml tin covers approximately 5m² 
    • 30 minutes of lighting paint visible in dark for 25 hours
    • Emission-free, no nasty odours and safe to use indoors.