Transparent Whiteboard Paint for Heavy Duty Use

Paint For Pros SketchPaint is a revolutionary 1-component paint for a super-smooth and high-quality whiteboard. Thanks to its unique composition, SketchPaint makes the surface considerably smoother than all other whiteboard paints after curing.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SketchPaint is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a high-quality finish as well as optimum performance. The paint provides a perfect top coat which was specially designed for intensive use in a business environment. This makes the traditional whiteboard a definite thing of the past. The entire wall (or part of it) can be treated with SketchPaint, after which creative plans, projects and overviews can be shared quickly and easily.
The unique composition of SketchPaint means that it is a high quality one part product. Unlike other whiteboard paints, SketchPaint can be applied from the tin. The tin can be easily closed after use so that the remainder can be applied at a later stage. SketchPaint can be utilised after 24 hours of drying and used while most 2-component paints must dry for 2 to 6 days.

PRO1015 - Sketch Pro 1.0 Litre - Transparent

SKU: 8717438079882
    • No more whiteboards obstructing your office
    • Simply painted straight onto walls, doors or cupboards; just about anywhere! 
    • Super Smooth High Gloss Finish
    • Hard top coat for intensive professional use
    • 1 component, no mixing required
    • Use after 24 hours
    • Re-sealable tin, for use on future projects.
    • Sketch Paint Pro is easy to apply and safe to use 
    • No smells, no emissions while drying and is therefore friendly to humans and the environment.