Professional Paint for All Areas

Paint For Pros BlackboardPaint easily transforms every (smooth) surface into a blackboard. Walls, doors, cabinets or tables, this high-quality paint can be applied to almost any material. This is a water-based paint which is virtually odourless and is child friendly. Easy to use on top of the Magnet Paint to create a magnetic blackboard surface. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE BlackboardPaint is a water-based paint, which contains no solvents and dries quickly. It is also easy to apply and is virtually odourless. As a result, this means that the paint can be used in any room.

Paint for Pro BlackboardPaint is available in Black and Grey.

PRO2010 - Blackboard Paint 5.0 Litre - Black

SKU: 8717438079844
    • Paint for Pros Blackboard Paint is a water-based paint, which is quick drying and easy to apply
    • Can be applied to various materials and surfaces
    • Can be used over our Magnet Paint and Plaster
    • This size tin is ideal for school, home and office use, or anywhere you need a small work or play area
    • Non-toxic and is VOC and lead free